Natalie has been my sports massage therapist for 6 years now, and has always known exactly how to ease my aches and pains. More recently, I broke my ankle badly, and Natalie has helped with my injury rehab - I would thoroughly recommend her sports massage and fitness services.


I’m a Child Psychotherapist and work has been increasingly difficult through Covid times as children become overwhelmed by their anxiety and bereavement issues. Natalie has helped me sort out my very stressed and lumpy shoulders - they had got so bad that it was affecting my sleep and I could only sleep in one position on my back, and noticed my hands often went numb as I slept. Natalie massaged my shoulders weekly until they loosened up, and gave me exercises and advice about how to look after my shoulders better. I’m so grateful - I’m sleeping better, running more freely and feeling much better generally as a result of Natalie’s help and am pleased to recommend her to anyone lucky enough to find her.


I see Natalie regularly for a deep tissue sports massage. Her expertise and skills have loosened up my ageing muscles allowing me to continue to take part in my numerous sporting hobbies (cricket, hockey, cycling, walking etc) without fear of serious injury.  Definitely the best investment I have made in myself and I highly recommend Natalie.


I am a keen gym goer and workout 7 days a week. Natalie has been giving me sports massages for the last two years and has helped so much with much with various minor injuries and muscle tension. She is so knowledgeable regarding all the muscles and how they work and explains everything so clearly as she works. She has then helped me to amend my form in certain exercises to prevent the problem re-occurring. Natalie is friendly and reliable and puts so much effort into the massage. It always amuses me that she comes dressed for a workout to give a massage but that is a reflection of how much energy she puts into her work. She is very passionate about her work and I look forward to and enjoy all my treatments with her.




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